YONERGY provides Comprehensive Energy Management Solution that includes,

but are not limited to;

  • Provide Energy Management and Policy Guidance

  • Invest on Energy Efficiency Projects

  • Develop Energy Requirement Analysis and Standard 

  • Implementation and Integration of Energy Efficiency Consulting

  • Invest on Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

  • Provide Energy Managers Training & Certification

  • Perform Energy Audit

  • Sustainable Design

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy Modeling Design

  • Plan and Conduct Measurement and Verification (M&V) Activities

Our offers include a range of engineering and consulting services, including high performance sustainable building design, LEED consultancy services, energy efficiency project development and implementation, energy management and building controls design, energy modeling and building simulation, commissioning services, energy master planning, integrated resource planning, strategic sustainable energy plan development, energy and water security planning, structured financing and cost-benefit analyses, risk management and mitigation services, big data analytics, urban planning and infrastructure design, water conservation planning and construction management services. Our experienced engineers are highly trained professionals and we incorporate state-of-the-art technology and management systems into both new and existing buildings through innovative and sustainable solutions meeting project deadlines that exceed clients’ expectations.

Our customers include state governments, municipalities, electric and water utilities, commercial and industrial customers, multi-family residential housing development, schools and hospitals.

LEED Consultancy
Our energy consultants provide building solutions to building owners, architects, and engineers to meet sustainable building objectives through programs such as the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification program. We are uniquely positioned to represent our clients in an independent and unbiased manner.
Sustainable Design
Energy Modeling
Energy Modeling uses computer-based software to simulate the energy usage of a facility (whether an existing building or one being designed), and compares it to a baseline building defined by ASHRAE.

Energy Modeling greatly simplify the design process and assist architects in viewing the life-cycle impacts of design changes while comparing various design schemes. This provides valuable data to reach energy saving goals for the building before construction even begins.
Energy Audit
Energy Audit is a survey of existing facilities to identify the most cost-effective and practical energy retrofit opportunities. We review existing drawings and specs, study ongoing energy programs, collect and analyze 24-months utility bills and interview building operating personnel and occupants.
High-Performance Design
An integrated or ‘whole building’ design approach that requires thinking about the building and its site as a series of interlinked and interdependent systems, so that a single design refinement might simultaneously improve several building systems’ performance.
Demand Control
Renewable Energy
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